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Bromsgrove New Life Church incorporating Church In The House Network

Sunday Services

Meetings are on Sunday at 10:45 in the Ladybird Inn, Bromsgrove. Why not come along.

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We believe that God gives Ministry Gifts to His Church and that these Gifts are men and women (Eph 4:11,12 Phil 1;1-2) The Gifts are apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, elders and deacons. We are blessed at Bromsgrove New Life Church in that these Gifts are present in our own membership besides being supplemented by visiting "Gift" men and women.

We believe that the church can only grow in blessing as God intended when all these "Gifts" are used in the local church. We do not believe in a ministry elite or division between "clergy" and "laity" but strongly believe in "the priesthood of all believers" (Rev 1:6). We do not believe that some members are more or less important than others but accept that they will differ in gift and function as equipped by God.

Cliff and Eunice

Pic 7 Clifford and Eunice Beasley founded Bromsgrove New Life Church on 7th February 1988, meeting in a school in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, UK.

The infant congregation comprised a few members planted out from one of the churches they had pioneered in Birmingham City centre.

The church has proved to be no "flash in the pan" as after over 20 years Clifford is the longest serving minister in Bromsgrove! He suffered a massive heart attack in 1991 that took him out of service for a whole year. During this period the church continued to prosper in spite of his absence. He believes that this is an indication that the church is founded on the right principles.

The church is an expression of New Life Ministries Registered Charity 700179 out of which the ‘Church in the house network’ ministry is now developing.

Clifford and Eunice Beasley met at the Assemblies of God Bible College in 1959 and have been in full time ministry since 1961. In all but four of those years they have been pioneering new churches.

They have planted churches all over Great Britain and now advise pioneer pastors at home and overseas. Their ministry has grown from the early days when they operated a mobile evangelistic caravan and Land rover all over the British Isles. They held crusades and stayed several weeks or months to establish the churches. Those churches are all flourishing congregations with their own buildings and full time ministers.

Besides Clifford's lively preaching, his wife Eunice, who is a Senior Social Worker, is also a very gifted speaker. They are both in demand to speak in the UK and Overseas at churches, conferences and colleges. Clifford served on the council of Birmingham Christian College (formerly BBI).

Clifford was a minister for over twenty happy years with the Assemblies of God in the UK serving on their Home Missions Council. In the mid-eighties he accepted an invitation to become part of the Harvestime Apostolic Team led by Bryn and Keri Jones. He worked with this go-ahead team for four years before moving to the Midland Rregion and founding New Life Ministries Registered Charity 700179 that has now brought the ‘Church in the house’ network to birth.

Clifford and Eunice have four grown up children, Caroline, Rachel, Daniel and Sharon (who is their adoptive daughter). They are currently scattered around the world in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia and the UK.

Clifford Beasley

Pic 2 Clifford together with his wife Eunice pioneered the Bromsgrove New Life Church out of which the Cithnet ministry has grown. They have planted churches all over the UK and have exercised an apostolic ministry at home and overseas for many years. Clifford serves the network full time. Eunice is a Senior (Hospital) Social Worker.

John Cook

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John joined New Life Church in his home town of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire shortly after it began in the late eighties. He has been heavily involved throughout the years on the transition of the church from classic Pentecostal/Charismatic to the present ?church in the house? concept of ministry

John has a pastoral heart with particular responsibilities in Bromsgrove. He has ministered India on several occasions; one highlight was when he baptised new believers in the Bay of Bengal. He had also been involved in ministry to Norway. John is an optician, whilst his wife Linda is a teacher. They are both musicians and use this ability in the ?Cithnet? ministry with Linda on keyboard and guitar and John on violin.