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Bromsgrove New Life Church incorporating Church In The House Network

Sunday Services

Meetings are on Sunday at 10:45 in the Ladybird Inn, Bromsgrove. Why not come along.

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The Need of a 'Church in the House Network'

We believe that in the UK and around the world there are tens of thousands of Christian believers who are tired of church as they have known it and are not part of a church at all. They are not 'rebellious' in spirit but long for a more real and relevant expression of church. Some already meet in small groups and will be delighted to discover that there lots of other groups and individuals just like them all over the world.

Our vision is to create a network so that groups and individuals can find others like themselves and through the relationships established provide a ministry to encourage the development of such groups into establishing a church in their own homes or in other non-religious venues.

We believe that God wants us to help to meet this need by establishing a training academy and a mobile coaching ministry.

The Vision

As we had studied the scriptures we realised that church as we knew it was only a shadow of what we found in the New Testament... for instance the church had lost its way in regard to the conduct of its gatherings. We noted that the early church did not sit in rows 'theatre style' watching as one or two elite professionals in special clothes did everything, in the early church members were participators not spectators.

The early church met in homes, which was not surprising seeing that there were no church buildings for the first three hundred years of the churches history. We observed that when church buildings were erected they were greatly influenced by the architecture of heathen temples.

We also concluded that they usually ate together when they met. Indeed the Apostle Paul told the early arrivals not to 'scoff the lot' as others were coming later to the gathering. Church history teaches us that this was often the only decent meal that some of the slaves enjoyed in a week. No doubt they shared their victories and defeats in conversation during the meal and prayed over this news later in the gathering. The sermons in the early church were not preached 'didactic' style as in the traditional sense of today. Rather they were delivered in a much more converstional style with interuptions and contributions. We realised that the so called clergy were not more important than other members of the church, those that were ministry gifts such as pastors, evangelists or apostles were simply different in gifting and function but not in value. The result was that when we usually meet in a home or venue that simulates a home. We eat a meal together, during this exercise our conversation often reveals needs to be prayed over and victories to thank God for. This takes place during the worship part of the gathering which may be led by one of the members who may or may not be experienced in this ministry. 'The ministry of the word' is in the form of the discussion of a passage of scripture often in smaller groups which report back to the gathered group later.

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International Ministry

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There will be a definite international flavour to the Cithnet network as we already have leaders in other countries asking for input and affiliation. The ministry has already visited a number of countries, the most recent being Russia, Uganda and India. A recent appeal for fellowship has been received from Malaysia.