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Bromsgrove New Life Church incorporating Church In The House Network

Sunday Services

Meetings are on Sunday at 10:45 in the Ladybird Inn, Bromsgrove. Why not come along.

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Our Journey

Cithnet has grown out the ministry of Clifford & Eunice Beasley who have been pioneering churches all over the UK for many years (See heading 'Leaders' for details). They founded Bromsgrove New life Church in the mid-eighties as the major expression of New Life Ministries Registerd Charity 700179. The charity continues to sponsor missions that has taken them to seventeen different countries of the world.

The church from the very beginning was involved in pioneering groups in homes in N.E. Worcestershire and into Warwickshire. These were called 'area-churches', a prophetic choice which indicated a desire for them to become churches in their own right. Later other groups were formed, variously refered to as 'home groups' or 'cell groups'. Over these years we were greatly blessed by the writings of Dr Ralph Neighbour having read his book, 'Where do we go from here?' Over one two year period we followed his teaching to the letter - to visit related web site click here

At this time we began to get increasingly dissatisfied with church as we knew it, even though the church and the groups in homes were in blessing. We felt that we had to take some radical steps that would implement the vision that we felt the Holy Spirit was leading us into and which we had been studying and preaching for several years. This meant that we would need to declare all of the existing groups to be churches in their own right, with the leaders effectively being the pastors. This had huge consequences. It meant giving away influence, control, people and finance. It was a scary and stressful time as we struggled with the concepts. Some members left because they felt insecure with structures that required they had to be participators and not merely spectators. Sometimes we wondered if we were really moving on in God or were totally backslidden!

Providentialy, Clifford received an invitation to attend two conferences on the very subject that was exercising us. The conferences were being conducted by Dr's Tony & Felicity Dale, authors of 'Getting started' and 'Simply Church' - to visit their website click here. They had already become heavily involved in the new 'emerging church' ministry in the USA. Clifford was accompanied by the other leaders, John Cooke at the London conference and both John Cooke and Peter Worthington at the Bedford Conference. These sessions confirmed all we had been discovering and proved to be life changing and ministry changing for all three of us!

Prophetic direction. Shortly after in the autumn of 2004 Clifford and his wife Eunice Beasley went on holiday to Torrimolinos, Spain. They were total strangers to the City, and at the Evangelical Church which they attended on the Sunday Morning. The preacher who was the associate pastor whom they had never met before! After preaching for about twenty minutes he left the pulpit, walked down the aisle, came along the row in front of us and pointed directly at Clifford.

"Sir", he said, "I don't know who you are, or whether you are a christian leader or not, but God has told me to tell you that the pathway you are taking is exactly correct. Do not turn aside either to the right hand or the left hand and you will know great blessing. Does that make any sense to you?" We assured him that it did!

In the following spring, the vision, not without some pain, was acted upon. The result was the multiplying of the local church into two networks of home churches. One led by Clifford and John and another led by Peter.