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Bromsgrove New Life Church incorporating Church In The House Network

Sunday Services

Meetings are on Sunday at 10:45 in the Ladybird Inn, Bromsgrove. Why not come along.

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Bromsgrove New Life Church

You are Welcome to our Sunday Services

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The public sunday services of Bromsgrove New Life Church are held in the beautifully appointed Ladybird Inn at 2 Finstall Rd, Aston Fields, Bromsgrove, B60 2DZ.

The 11 am service is preceeded at 10:45 am by refreshments, which are served free of charge. After the meeting, we descend from the McConnel meeting room to the bar, where drinks and pub meals are enjoyed with the locals.

We believe this way of meeting is very much in tune with scripture as:-
  1. The first place Jesus Christ received worship was a room in the Inn!
  2. The first place Jesus Christ met with his disciples aftef his death and resurrection was in the 'Upper Room'.
  3. For 300 years the early Church met in homes and public places! We want to be like the early Church.
Our public services are lively and bright! Some people call us a 'happy clappy church'. The services are best described as having
  1. A very warm welcome
  2. Inspiring Singing
  3. Fervent Preaching
We hope to see you soon

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Welcome also to Cithnet

The name 'Cithnet' has been compiled using the first letters of each word of the Bible phrase…'church in the house'. The word 'net' is added to indicate a network or association of groups of believers who usually meet in homes or venues which are not necessarily church buildings.

Bible examples:

  • Romans 16:3-5 Greet Priscilla and Aquila greet also the church in their house.
  • Colossians 4:15 Give my greetings to…Nympha and the church in her house.
  • Philemon 1:1-2 Paul to Philemon and to the church that meets in your home.